Problems in the application of pressure reducing valve in fire protection system

Date:2021-01-05 Visits:1532

Problems in the application of pressure reducing valve in fire protection system

Pressure reducing valves have been used in water supply projects for decades. For decades, through the unremitting efforts of engineers and technicians, the pressure reducing valve has been continuously improved and developed in the application of water supply engineering-from the initial mechanical pressure reduction, only the dynamic pressure is reduced, the static pressure is not reduced, and it has been developed to the current use The principle of pressure balance reduces pressure, which reduces both dynamic pressure and static pressure. From a single decompression method to the current multiple decompression methods. The pressure reducing valve has undergone great changes in both external form and internal structure.  

The pressure reducing valve is easy to install, occupies less space, and is flexible in operation. The pressure after the valve can be adjusted to meet the requirements of use according to different needs. It is currently widely used in pipeline engineering (especially water supply pipeline engineering).  

The pressure reducing valve is a precision valve. Whether it is a proportional pressure reducing valve, a balanced pressure reducing valve, or a pilot pressure reducing valve, they all use the principle of pressure balance to work. The pressure fluid in front of the valve enters the valve cavity through the pressure balance hole or the pressure balance guide tube. Control the pressure behind the valve to achieve the purpose of reducing pressure.  

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