Ways to improve milling cutter efficiency

Date:2021-05-31 Visits:1482

From a processing point of view, improving efficiency is nothing more than two things, one is the processing procedure, and the other is the tool. The machining program has been determined and cannot be changed easily. The only movable tool is the tool.

Nowadays, stainless steel is mainly used for roughening with wave-edge milling cutters made of high-speed steel, which is economical and economical, that is, after the tool is damaged, it needs to be polished on a grinder. This sharpening time is relatively long, it takes about ten minutes to sharpen a knife, and the processing speed is the most stable at f340. After sharpening the knife, you need to re-calibrate the knife. The time for knife-calibration is about two minutes.

If a wave-edge milling cutter of tungsten steel is used, the cost will be too great, and sharpening is a problem. Ordinary grinders can't be ground at all.

After continuous exploration, according to the characteristics of the clamp-type milling cutter, the installed blade is installed on the machining center. The speed is increased to F400, and there is no need to re-grind, directly change the blade, and no need to re-calibrate the tool, which saves preparation time and improves processing efficiency. .