Performance table of desuperheating water regulating valve

Date:2021-01-05 Visits:1531
UserUnit ParametersValve SpecificationsTimeQuantity
Nantong Meiya Thermal Power Co., Ltd.50MW1.25" 1500lb A1052020/7/222
Cangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2×350MW4" 2500lb A1052020/7/141
State Grid Energy Hami Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. (Shenhua Guoneng Hami Power Plant)2×660MW unit4" 2500lb A1052020/7/74
Nantong Meiya Thermal Power Co., Ltd.50MW1.25" 1500lb A1052020/6/241
Datang Faer Power Plant4X660MW4" 2500lb WC92020/5/71
Cangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2×350MW4" 2500lb A1052020/3/121
Huadian International Shuozhou Thermal Power Branch2×350MW supercritical2'' 1500lb F222019/12/251
Guodian Feixian Power Generation Co., Ltd.2X600MW1.5" 2500lb A1052019/10/286
Jinling Chemical220t/h boiler0.75" 1500lb A1052019/10/211
Jinling Chemical220t/h boiler0.75" 1500lb A1052019/8/262
Cangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2×350MW2.5" 2500lb WCB2019/8/192
Guizhou Faer Power Plant4X660MW4" 2500lb WC92019/8/92
Inner Mongolia Datang International Tuoketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd.4X660MW2" 900lb WCB2019/8/62
Jinling Petrochemical220t/h boiler0.75" 1500lb A1052019/7/302
National Energy Group Taizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.2X1000MW3" 3000lb A1052019/7/12
Hangzhou Bay Ningbo Zhongmao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.6# Boiler superheater primary desuperheating water0.75" 1500lb A1052019/4/1810
Shanghai Huadian Group Wangting Power Generation Branch2X660MW1.5" 2500lb A1052019/1/211
Nantong Meiya Thermal Power Co., Ltd.50MW1.25" 1500lb A1052018/12/171
Nantong Meiya Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2×75T/H boiler1" 600lb A1052018/11/291
Nanjing Chemical Industry Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2×330MW/2×50MW1.25" 1500lb A1052018/10/301
Huadian Sichuan Guang'an Power Generation Co., Ltd.300,000 kW coal-fired unit3" 2500lb WCB2018/10/191
Guangdong Yudean Xinhui Power Generation Co., Ltd.4×600MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit2" 1500lb A1052018/10/151
Guodian Datong Second Power Plant6x200MW3" 1500lb A1052018/10/92
Henan Xuchang Distributed Energy2×30MW gas turbine + (2×35t/h) waste heat boiler1" 900lb A1052018/9/102
Hangzhou Huadian Jiangdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.400WM2" 600lb F222018/8/101
Datang Guizhou Faer Power Generation Co., Ltd.4×600MW2-1/2"  2500LB A1052018/5/224
Jiangyin Ligang Power Plant4×350MW1.5" 1500lb WCB2018/3/212
Oman Salalah430MW2.5" 2500LB WCB2018/3/64
China Coal Datun Thermal Power "Upgrading the Largest and Lowering the Small" Newly-built Project2×350MW3/4"-4"  300LB WCB2018/1/247
Ningbo Zhongmao Hangzhou Bay Thermal Power Co., Ltd.3×130t/h1.5" 1500lb WCB2018/1/121