MH Series Deed Water Flow Regulating Valve


Sleeve type structure, the valve core has a sleeve direction, which has good stability and low noise.

The valve seat adopts a threadless structure, which is easy to disassemble and repair, and has a higher flow capacity than other straight-stroke regulating valves. The internal components of the valve are made of high-quality materials and have a long service life.

There is a balance hole on the spool, the unbalanced force is small, the driving device is light and easy to operate.

Fully imported packing, good sealing, no leakage, low friction coefficient, and no damage to the valve stem.

The sealing surface is welded with hard alloy, which is resistant to cavitation and erosion.

All internal parts are replaceable, especially the valve seat is replaceable, which is convenient for on-site maintenance.

The actuator is intelligent, easy to operate and precise control.

The small bypass regulating valve is a circulating convection structure, which reduces the pressure step by step, and can withstand the working conditions of the boiler start-up high pressure difference without cavitation.


Used in industrial boiler operation to control the flow adjustment of feed water.

There are usually three types of boiler feedwater flow regulating valves:

        1. Main feed water flow regulating valve;

        2. Auxiliary feedwater flow control valve, also called large bypass control valve;

        3. The boiler start regulating valve is also called the small bypass regulating valve.

Design Standards:

Design and manufacture: ASME B16.34 JB/T7387

Inspection and test: ASME B16.104, GB/T4213, JB/T7387

Connection end:

Butt welding: ASME B16.25

Flange connection: ASME B16.5, GB/T9113, HG20592

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: 4″~14″

Pressure rating: ANSI 900lb ~ 2500lb

Medium temperature: 20℃~300℃

Actuator: pneumatic actuator, electric actuator

Valve action form: air-closed, air-opened

Flow characteristics: equal percentage

Performance Parameters:

Body material: carbon steel, alloy steel

Valve body: GLOBE

Bonnet: standard type, bolt flange connection

Internals: Sleeve guide, balanced valve core, replaceable valve seat

Packing: flexible graphite