KP Series Boiler Air Exhaust Valve



Cage structure, the valve core is guided by the cage, with good stability and low noise.

The disc has a double throttle, which can effectively protect the sealing surface and greatly extend the service life.

The valve seat adopts a threadless structure, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly and maintenance. The rated flow coefficient is higher than other straight-stroke control valves. The internal components of the valve are made of high-quality materials, hardened, and have a long service life.

The valve clack is provided with a balance hole to reduce the unbalanced force, and the driving device is light and easy to operate.

Fully imported packing, good sealing, no leakage, low friction coefficient, and no damage to the valve stem.

The sealing surface is welded with hard alloy, which is resistant to cavitation and erosion.

All internal parts are replaceable, especially the valve seat is replaceable, which is convenient for on-site maintenance.

The actuator is intelligent, easy to operate and precise control.

Application Range:

When the boiler is pressurized, the air is exhausted. When the boiler is pressurized, the air exhaust valve should first be opened to relieve the pressure to maintain the normal working pressure of the boiler and avoid frequent tripping of the safety valve.

Design Standards:

Design and manufacture: ASME B16.34 API 602

Inspection and test: API 598, JB/T3595

Connection end: Butt welding: ASME B16.25

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: 1", 2", 3", 4", 6"

Nominal pressure: ANSI 2500LB

Medium temperature: ≤610℃

Leakage level: Ⅳ level Ⅴ level Ⅵ level

Actuator: pneumatic actuator and electric actuator for customers to choose

Whether pneumatic or electric valve, there is a handwheel mechanism, which can be operated manually when losing air or power, without interrupting the production process

Performance Parameters:

Body material: WCB, WC9

Bonnet: standard type, bolt flange connection

Internal parts: cage guide, replaceable seat

Packing: flexible graphite with stainless steel wire

Flow characteristics: quick opening