JY Series Manual Y Type Globe Valve



The structure is simple, and the exterior design is unique.

The surface of the valve stem is hardened to resist wear.

The structure of the stuffing box in the valve cavity facilitates quick disassembly and in-situ repair.

The 45-degree inclined structure and flow channel shape reduce the pressure drop.

The overall surface of the valve seat is hardened, which improves the long service life of the valve.

GARLOCK high temperature filler is durable.

There is no failure in 10,000 reciprocating tests.

Application Range:

Drainage of various steam and water pipelines, regular blowdown of the water discharge boiler, continuous blowdown of the superheater, steam purge of the water discharge soot blower shut off

Design Standards:

Design and manufacture: ASME B16.34 JB/T3595

Inspection and test: JB/T3595 MSS SP-61

Connection end:

        Socket welding: ASME B16.11

        Butt welding: ASME B16.25

        Flange connection: ASME B16.5

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: 3/4″~ 4″

Nominal pressure: ANSI 150LB ~ 4500LB

Medium temperature: ≤ 610℃

Valve body material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials selected according to special corrosive media

Selection medium: water, steam, oil and corrosive medium

Other: Design and manufacture according to special requirements

Action form: manual

Performance parameters:

Body type: Y type 45° angle

Bonnet: basic type

Trim: Integral type---Integral surfacing valve seat

Flow characteristics: quick opening