Tender invitation for booth construction of the 4th FlowEx China Shanghai International Pump & Valve Exhibition

Date:2015-06-20 Visits:1535

Our company will participate in the 4th FlowEx China Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition (2015.6.10-2015.6.12). According to the relevant regulations and requirements of the company, we are openly inviting professional, standardized, innovative design, superb technology and rich design to the society. Exhibition design and production companies with construction experience participate in the bidding.

1. Enterprise name:

       Chinese: Suzhou Delan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Delan Control Valve)

2. Booth:

       Booth number: 7.953

       Area: 36㎡

3. Booth design requirements:

      The overall effect should follow the principles of simplicity, fashion, and grandeur, and fully display the corporate logo and image.

4. Registration conditions:

      It must be a professional exhibition design and production company that has been formally registered, has rich design experience and independent construction capabilities.

5. Delivery information:

      1. The deadline for submission is May 5, 2015;

      2. Delivery method: Please send the booth design draft and booth construction cost details to the mailbox or;

     3. Contact: Miss Lei, Miss Tang

     4. Contact number: 0512-65758535

Note: Regardless of whether the bid is won or not, the parties participating in the bidding shall bear all costs related to the bidding.

The final interpretation right of this bidding belongs to the company.