Jiangsu Valve Industry Development Exchange Conference was successfully held in Jurong, Zhenjiang

Date:2019-08-16 Visits:1623

Congratulations from Suzhou Delan Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Valve Industry Development Exchange Conference was successfully held in Jurong, Zhenjiang

On August 9, Jiangsu Valve Industry Association held the Jiangsu Valve Industry Development Exchange Conference at the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Jurong, Zhenjiang. About 180 people from the member companies of Jiangsu Valve Association gathered together to listen to the in-depth analysis and analysis of the valve industry by the valve industry leaders and famous industry experts, discuss and analyze the development of the industry, wonderful lectures, and gather together the development of the valve industry.

This meeting was hosted by Jiangsu Valve Industry Association and co-organized by Jiangsu Welldiwei Valve Industry Co., Ltd. The opening ceremony was first held. Sheng Genlin, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Valve Industry Association presided over the meeting. After introducing the guests, the guest speaker Li Yanxia, director of the Quality Work Department of China Machinery Industry Federation, will give a lecture on "Generally stable economic operation and steady progress in industry development-the economic operation situation of the machinery industry in the first half of 2019", analyzing the development and operation of the general machinery industry, and the country’s impact on the machinery industry (valve manufacturing) Industry) Some new policy interpretations, etc.; Huang Mingya, deputy chief engineer of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, lectured on "The Development Trend of Valve Industry Standards"; Professor Yu Xinhai from East China University of Science and Technology lectured on "Key Technologies and Applications of Smart Valves", the implementation of intelligent intelligent manufacturing talks for the valve industry Some suggestions, etc.; Chief Engineer Cheng Xuelai of Suzhou Neway Valve Co., Ltd. gave a lecture on "Innovation Drives Quality First-Recommendations for Promoting the Development of the Valve Industry" combined with the actual development of the industry, pointed out some practical problems, and put forward the opportunities and challenges facing the valve industry and future development trends , Suggestions for the future development of the industry.

After the hard work of the Jiangsu Valve Association, this meeting was a complete success!