Shouhang Energy Conservation Leaders Visited

Date:2019-05-24 Visits:1547

On May 13, 2019, the senior leaders of Beijing Shouhang Energy Conservation Company visited our company to exchange and share the use of the products supplied earlier, and to visit the factory. Accompanied by the general manager Zong Xin and the regional manager He Yunian, the leaders of Shouhang Energy Conservation visited the company's material area and production area, and had a comprehensive understanding of the company's overview, quality control, and product production.

With the continuous strengthening of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, CSP projects are booming. As one of the important valves for CSP, molten salt valves were originally imported brands. In March 2018, a 4-inch imported molten salt valve of the first flight Dunhuang CSP project leaked after only 3 months of use and needed to be replaced immediately. At this time of "time is tight and the task is heavy", Delan was ordered to complete a molten salt control valve in a hurry. The original customer was worried that Delan would replace imported products. The technology may be immature, but after a long period of use, Up to now, there are no problems and the quality is guaranteed. The leaders of Shouhang are very satisfied with this and specially arranged time to visit DeLand for business exchanges and on-site inspections.

After meeting with President Zong, the leaders of Shouhang first praised Delan’s R&D capabilities, exquisite workmanship, and product quality; secondly, they highly praised Delan’s molten salt regulating valve; finally expressed the hope to further deepen cooperation and expand with Delan. The cooperation space not only produces molten salt valves, but also provides technical support for the maintenance of imported brands. In August 2019, Delan after-sales department will send professionals to Dunhuang to repair imported molten salt valves.