From August 6th to 8th, the 10th China Waste Incineration Power Generation Development Forum was held in Nanjing

Date:2020-09-01 Visits:1697

With the rapid development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the cleaning up of domestic waste in our country requires more attention. Issues such as waste classification, reasonable recycling, and improvement of resource utilization are urgent. In recent years, waste incineration power generation has gradually matured from “harmlessness, reduction, and resource utilization”. Waste has become the same resource as coal and oil. Advanced equipment, technology and technology are used to increase the utilization rate of waste heat energy and promote Energy-saving, efficiency-increasing, and economic benefits of waste-to-energy. 

The meeting invited Everbright International, CECEP, TusEnvironment, Kangheng Environment, Zhejiang Energy Jinjiang, Shenzhen Energy, Hanlan Environment, Green Power, CLP New Energy, Tianying Co., Ltd., Guanghuan Investment, Wangneng Environment and various design institutes , EPC and other units participated in the general contracting. At the meeting, everyone exchanged the problems and difficulties in waste incineration, solutions and suggestions, and demonstrated new technologies and new achievements in waste treatment.