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MX Series Recirculation Valve

Valve Characteristics:

1)Circulatory convection, multi-stage pressure reducing mechanism, avoid cavitation efficiently, greatly prolong service life.

2)All the trims can be quickly removed and replaced, easy to maintain with less cost.

3)Imported high-quality stem packing ensures leak-free without frequent replacement.

4)Scientific construction,high-performance materials and exquisite workmanship enable both the plug and cage to have excellent anti-blocking and anti-jamming performance so that a small amount of sundries in the pipeline will not lead to any blocking for the passage nor jamming for the plug in condition of frequent openning operation.

5)Appropriately matched plug and cage materials ,wear resistance, anti-scratch and anti-scuffing.

6)Zero leakage,long-service life and low breakdown rate ensure a safe and reliable operation of the feedwater pump.

Typical Application :

Minimum flow circulation valve is the key supporting equipment of power plant’s boiler feedwater pump.

Boiler water from the feedwater pump will be pressurized up to 20-30Mpa or above in the deaerator then sent to the high pressure heater and eventually into the boiler. A certain minimum flow of the feedwater pump should be ensured to take away the heat generated by its operation so as to avoid overheating and vanes damage due to cavitation. Boiler feedwater flow is small during the startup or shutdown process.Also water demand decreases in condition of breakdown. In order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, a recirculation system should be mounted in the pump outlet to carry a portion of the feedwater back to the deaerator from the pump.

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: 3/4”-6”

Nominal pressure: ANSI 150Lb-4500Lb

Body type: straight-through type, angle type

Operation temperature :150℃-450℃

Flow characteristics: equal percentage,linear

Actuator: electric or pneumatic actuator

Leakage: meet ANSI B16. 104 V leakage (VI level seal is available)

Matrial Table :

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