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MA Series Sliding-Stem Control Valve

Valve Characteristics:

1)Valve Plug Stability

Rugged guide cylinder provides excellent plug stability,which reduces vibration and mechanical noise;

2)More Flow Capacity

Streamlined flow channel ensures low flow resistance and excellent flow capacity;

3)Balanced Valve Plug Structure

Valve plug and cage composes of pressure-balanced structure, high precision & wide adjustable range,

also suitable for high differential pressure condition;

4)High-Temperature Capacity with class IV or class V shutoff

Using of C -ring metal trim,which can realize Class V shutoff at temperatures up to 593 degrees;


Diaphragm actuator & piston actuator, compact structure ,large pushing force;

6)Operating Economy

Stainless steel trim after standard treatment increased wear resistance and longer life.

7)Maintenance Economy

Modular design of trim,easy maintenance


1.Main Steam System

2.Condensate System

3.High/Low Pressure Drain System

4.Open-Type Circulating Cooling Water System.

5.Auxiliary Steam System

6.Heater Drain System

7.Feed Water System

8.Petroleum & chemical System

Technical parameter:

Size range:

Pressure rating range:150Ib,300Ib,600Ib

Body material: various materials available,such as WCB,WC6,WC9,CF8M,CF8,CF3M,CF3,etc

Flow Characteristic:quick opening ,linear or equal percentage


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